dear mr liu

  application for the position of accounting manager

  in response to your advertisement in today's for the above position, i would like to submit my application for your


  during the past nine years, my experience has concentrated in the accounting industry with an accounting services firm. being an

  accounting manager for four years, i assisted in the development of a base reference library for 500 clients.

  as you will notice from my resume, i possess excellent oral and writing skills. i have trained four new supervisors through coaching sessions, communication meetings and technical skills sessions.i believe this background provides the management skills you require for this position. i look forward to your reply.

  yours sincerely


dear sirs,

  igraduated from the central university of finance and economics this summer。 as a student of accounting, i hope to work for a foreign company after graduation。

  in the past four academic years,i have proved myself to be a straight a student, awarded a succession of scholarships。i have a good knowledge of accounting, in addition, my english is

  particularly good, which will live up to the requirements set by a wholly-owned foreign company like yours。

  i apply for the position of assistant to accountant。 you will find me a good team player, self-motivated and eager to learn。 i believe i can be of value to your company。

  i should be very happy if you would arrange an interview with me。

  yours sincerely,



  i have been told by mr.john l.pak,credit manager, the business book publishing,

  new york, with whom i believe you are acquainted,that you are expecting to make some

  additions to your accounting staff in june.i should like to be considered an applicant

  for one of these positions.i hope that you will give me an interview at some time convenient to you.if there

  is further information that you wish in the meantime,please let me know.i can always

  be reached at the address given at the beginning of this letter. very truly